Products and Tools I Use

Domain Name Registration

I had used GoDaddy for years, but in 2014 I transitioned everything to Namecheap. They cost less, don’t bug you every week with promotions and upsells, and don’t have crazy political views like GD (or their CEO).


Give them a try. You’ll like them a lot.

Web Hosting

My first and excellent choice is Siteground and I recently moved all my stuff there. I have also worked on a lot of client sites on Siteground and they rock. Great speed, security, and reasonable pricing.

Another good host that usually gets a bad rap is Bluehost and I like them much more than other cheap hosts. I have 2 client sites on separate accounts and have never had any issues with them. Easy to use cPanel, good speed, and the rare times I’ve had to talk to support folks they have handled issues professionally and quickly.

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